Capital Campaign

Dear Friends of Gulfshore Ballet,

We are thrilled to share with you that we are ready to relocate to our new studios, but we really need your assistance! 

Our new studios are located at 5636 Youngquist Road, just two miles south of our longtime Andrea Lane address.  The new location is just east of U.S. 41 with good parking and visibility.  Our goal is to open in the new studio space in January, 2017.

As a friend of GSB, you are probably very aware that we have simply outgrown our space.  Due to the great success over the last several years, we need more space to train the next generation of dancers, including those students on scholarship.

Our new facility boasts more than 6,000 square feet, an expansion of nearly 2,400 square feet more than our current location.  Our new school will offer three fully equipped studios complete with mirrors, barres, flooring and sound system, along with improved parent waiting room, enhanced office facilities, storage space and costume construction areas.

In order to make this decade long dream a true reality, we need the support of our families, patrons and friends to remodel the space and purchase necessary equipment.  As such, we are launching our Capital Campaign:  Dance into the Future!  You now have an opportunity to become part of our history!  Our goal is 100% participation from our ballet community either through financial support and/or volunteer services.   Please give generously and leave a legacy for future generations of dancers​

Naming Opportunities:

Studio 1 $7,500
Studio 2 $7,500
Studio 3 $7,500
Dressing  Room 1 $5,000
Dressing Room 2 $5,000
Wardrobe $2,500


A beautiful sponsor wall will depict donations at the following levels:

Flooring $2,000
Barres, mirrors, sound system $1,000
Furniture $500
Program Support $250


Again,our goal is 100% participation at whatever level families and friends feel that they can commit.  We can' t wait to get started, but we  need your   help.

Hundreds of beautiful dancers in our Southwest Florida community have passed through Gulfshore Ballet at 2155 Andrea Lane. Many of these young men and women have continued on to prestigious schools and ballet companies all over the United States. What better way to show your support for Gulfshore Ballet than to donate to this worthwhile artistic project so that our future ballerinas can continue to train at a beautiful facility right here in Fort Myers, Florida.

On behalf of everyone at Gulfshore Ballet, please accept our sincere appreciation for your support of classical ballet. Your generosity helps us to remain Southwest Florida' s premier not-for-profit school of classical ballet.

We urge you to make a donation to our Capital Campaign today!

Naming Opportunities
Name to appear on donation

Donor Wall
Name to appear on donation


We would like to thank the following donors for their contribution and support:
Thanks to our donors:

Mr. Juan J & Mrs. Ophelia A. Roca - Lobby
The Devito Family - Board Room
Nicolette Long - Board Room
Sandra Martin-RennerEd. D. ​ - Board Room
Kimberly S. Stevens - Board Room
Lisa D. Tafel, Ed. D. - Board Room
Markham Norton Monsteller Wright & Company, P.A. - Reception
Dr. Judy Toffel-Liccini - Student Lounge
Henderson, Franklin, Starnes, & Holt, P.A. - Flooring
Janet Egeland - Barres, Mirrors & Sound System
Ryan & Amanda Kane - Barres, Mirrors & Sound System
Mike Scott, Sheriff, Lee County Sheriff's Office - Barres, Mirrors & Sound System
Dr. Janet Cheng and Mr. Andrew Smith - Barres, Mirrors & Sound System
James Cairo Investments, Inc. - Furniture
Amy J. Ginsburg - Program Support
Ann Hartley - Program Support
Mr. William & Mrs. Jeanie Haas - Program Support
Barbara L. Marsden - Program Support
Orthopedic Specialists of SW Florida - Program Support
Rathur Family - Program Support
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Rosellini​ - Program Support
Dr. Michael & Mrs. Carol Rosenberg - Program Support
Sharon Terestenyi - Program Support
Tom & Linda Uhler - Program Support
Dr. Kurt & Mrs. Julie Urban - Program Support
Cynthia T. Wommack - Program Support

Mr. & Mrs. Victor Arias
Kristin Hummel
Glennis Liriano







Triple Creek Contractors
Tripp Starnes
23192 West El Dorado Avenue
Bonita Springs, FL 34134
Phone: (239) 221-7843

Gulfshore Ballet is a not-for-profit educational institution organized pursuant to IRS code section 501 (c)(3) .